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GOBAR Celebrates the commemoration of Women’s International Day.
At Gobar Systems Inc. we are proud to recognize the achievement of women.
By: Lic. Amparo Gonzalez | Friday, March 10, 2017

March 8th, 2017 celebrates the commemoration of Women's International Day and at Gobar Systems we are proud to recognize the achievements of women.

Our CEO at GOBAR, Rolando Gonzalez, and President Raul Gonzalez gave an empowering speech to all female associates, recognizing their efforts and exhorting them to continue improving, so it be possible that management positions are also occupied by them.

In the past, woman's role was limited to staying at home, cleaning and taking care of the family. However, this role has recently changed; women contribute and participate in global development, making decisions that change the company's future.

There are factors that are boosting this change, such as their professional development and economic independence. Now, we can see women assuming important roles in the business world, from health and law to education and technology, and even politics, with quality and noteworthy success.

GOBAR recognizes its women's invaluable efforts and encourages them to continue working for their own benefit and their family's stability.

We are really proud to have in our team, intelligent, hardworking and enthusiastic women.
CEO Rolando Gonzalez and President C.P. Raul Gonzalez.



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