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Under the leadership of Ing. Rolando Gonzalez Barron, President of the Association of Maquiladoras of Matamoros, born in the late 90s, a program called "Adopt a school" was instituted where almost all companies belonging to the AMMAC made the commitment to support elementary schools in the Federal Government, primarily with the maintenance of infrastructure. In a joint effort between parents, managers and staff of companies, many success stories were written, each with its peculiar seal between the protagonists.

To date, though, many maquiladoras are no longer supporting the old days. As our company increasingly participates more and more on this program, we can say that it is an important part of GOBAR / GW.

Continuing to support adopted schools, management and staff donated 250 school desks to Cuauhtémoc Cardenas Lazaro, the commitment of the owners of GOBAR Group with the community.

Children in Cuauhtémoc Cardenas Lazaro recognized the efforts of our company in a very nice way, with a canvas containing a special message which aimed to define and acknowledge our company.

Vacantes Operadores E Ingenieros en Desarrollo ( Estudiantes de Ingenieria).
By: Lic. Amparo Gonzalez

Empresa de giro Automotriz dedicada a la fabricación de estampados metálicos.

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